Astrology, NLP and Meditation 

The following are some of the topics of the course enabling the meditator to continue to successfully apply NLP daily after the course. 

1. *Enhanced Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Meditation Please click.

2. *Kabbalah Please click ‘Kabbalah and the Knowledge of the Biblical Authors and Prophets’. This course covers the basic material of the      ‘Timeline, NLP and Meditation’ and additional material is studied to adapt it to this course. 

3. *Astrology, Kabbalah, Meditation and NLP

It will be discovered from the Tree of Life, the ancient kabbalists had an accurate knowledge of our solar system, which was only, relatively speaking, recently rediscovered by Galileo and Copernicus. This will be extensively dealt with on this course. 

 The NLP techniques used to achieve our outcomes in our lives are integrated with the paths of the Tree of Life, which contain the deeper underlying processes of these techniques. This integration enables one to apply the NLP practices successfully on ones own, during and after the course.

4. *Interpretation of the Astrological Chart 

Course participants will be given their natal maps, and instructed in the fundamental processes of chart interpretation. By applying this to ones own chart, one will discover valuable programming in the psyche, which can be employed to valuably contribute to the successful achievement of outcomes. One is thus empowered to mobilise ones resources, even those one might not have been conscious of before. 

The astrological chart also reveals what might be preventing us from attaining our outcomes, and the effective change techniques provided by NLP and meditation can be engaged to update our programmes to work more efficiently. 


 Please click ‘Meditation. The Approach of the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society’. Meditation techniques differ from course to course.   

6.*The Energy Field.

Please click ‘Communication and Relationships and the Aura’. These processes differ from course to course. 

7. *Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Chakra Meditation 

 Please click ‘Timeline, NLP and Meditation’. Techniques differ from course to course.  

8. *Pranayama 

 Please click ‘Timeline, NLP and Meditation’.               

Please click *Archetypes of the Unconscious and the Contributions of CJ Jung.


The Tarot deck is the Tree of Life in picture form, and the twenty-two keys of the major arcane map out the twenty-two paths of the Tree, and the Hebrew letters placed on them.   Meditation on these keys for activating the archetypes of the unconscious will be introduced .(see above ‘*Archetypes of the Unconscious and the Contributions of CJ Jung’) The four suits of the minor arcane map out the Four Worlds, and the Ten S’phirot that comprise these worlds. 

Meditation on pathworkings and Tarot is extensively taught on this course, and most powerful work is done with these keys on the Advanced NLP and Psychosynthesis course. (Please click). 

10.*Self-healing, Releasing Blocked Energies and Buddhist Meditation 

Please click Self Healing. 

11.*Communication and Relationships and the Universal Love Energy. 

Please click Communication and Relationships and the Aura. These processes differ from course to course.  ]


Reflexology has mapped out the areas on the hand relating to the different parts of the anatomy and the energy field. Palmistry has accurately discovered these areas to resonate with the planets and the signs of the zodiac. Integrating the NLP techniques of anchoring with this knowledge, you will learn how to skilfully restructure the neuromuscular system, to bring about superb results.

 13.*Probing the Unconscious for Important Priorities and Discovering your Deeper Life’s Purpose 

Both the meditation and the knowledge of chart interpretation will assist you in this project. 

For further information about this course please click:

The approach of the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society

Communication, Relationships and the Aura


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