Communication, Relationships and the Aura

Why are there some meditators, who do not live their lives lovingly, joyously and successfully?  

Our solution to this problem is learning effective heart and mind techniques of meditation in every course, and enjoyably engaging in powerful interactive processes, enabling us to release the conscious and unconscious blocks to successful communication and relationships with everyone.                  

By opening the third eye, we cultivate an awareness of The Infinite Intelligence, thus discovering that every moment has its own Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. This is being aware of the best option to create value, not only for oneself, but also for others. We call these win-win games. These manifest much greater happiness, joy and prosperity than win-lose games, where we can only gain an advantage at the expense of another. These end up as lose-lose games. Ones willingness and ability to live the nobler choice, depends on the degree to which the heart centre is opened.  

By opening the heart centre, we enjoy an increased consciousness of the Universal Love Energy, known to the biblical authors and prophets  as The Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit). There are three components to this energy in Kabbalah.    


Moral Courage and Justice 



Loving kindness and Compassion 




Integrity and Healing  


Success and prosperity in life is directly proportional to the ability to sincerely achieve sound relationships. Can anything worthwhile be successfully achieved without  these?  

Only seven percent of communication is words, according to studies, and the rest is subliminal; that is within the image of consciousness but beyond that of perception and attention. An esoteric understanding of this would explain this in terms of the energy field (or aura).  

Interaction between energy fields around the body becomes the experiential awareness early in every course. We do not guarantee you will see energy fields around others by the end of the course, but you are assured of feeling them around others by the end of the first workshop. (Almost by the end of the Burmese Zen Dynamic Light and Sound Course, we usually achieve one hundred percent of students seeing auras).  

You will release the causes of poor communication and relationships by becoming aware of them in your own energy field through self-healing training, thus achieving effective stress management. Most of the stress we occur is associated with others, and we can learn to heal this responsibly.  

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