Burmese Zen Dynamic Light and Sound Meditation Course  

  Six most effective practical workshops

Some topics included in the workshops: -  

Burmese Zen Meditation

The purest, simplest, most effective meditation for letting go and letting God, and  experiencing the Universal Love Energy, healing every aspect of your life.  

Dynamic Light and Sound

You will actually be seeing with your third eye, and effectively tapping into your  resources of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding. Rejuvenation and the unfoldment of the greater powers of the mind will be achieved.

Tibetan Loving-kindness Meditation

Magically healing those difficult relationships. Reputedly converts enemies into friends.


You can most effectively release pain, suffering and tension almost instantaneously with practice, by balancing and unblocking your own energy field.

Buddhist Meditation


Discover the healer in you, who through loving-kindness and compassion supports the arising of well being in both you and others. You will be balancing and unblocking the energy fields of others.

 The Aura (Energy Field)

            It is a guaranteed experiential reality; you will see the colours of your own energy field.

Outstanding Communication and Relationships

Most Effective Stress Management

Enjoy more than 20% deeper relaxation than sleep without trying to relax, concentrating or clearing the mind. These most spontaneously arise.

Times: Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm, for three weeks.

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Communication, Relationships and the Aura 

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