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Kabbalah & the Knowledge of the Biblical Authors & Prophets 


*What is Kabbalah?

*The Sepher Y’tzirah

*The Four Systems of Symbolism of the Sepher Y’tzirah

*Mysticism and the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society

*Workshops providing a training in Kabbalah

*Kabbalah and the Timeline NLP and Meditation Course

*Kabbalah and the Astrology NLP and Meditation   


What is Kabbalah? 

Kabbalah is the sacred knowledge of the biblical authors and prophets, which is secretly encoded into the Hebrew text of the Bible.  

History of Kabbalah                

 This most fascinating field of secret and sacred knowledge has its origins at least four thousand years ago, dating back to the antiquity of the Hebrew patriarchs and earlier.  Its intriguing history is covered during the course. 

The word ‘Kabbalah’ simply translates as ‘received’, connoting the esoteric (secret and for the initiated only) doctrine, handed down from antiquity. To some it means the secret   revelation Moses received on Mount Sinai, and to others The Ageless Wisdom of Life, the way to the ultimate God Realisation. It also an epithet for Jewish Mysticism, although it generically also applies to the secret doctrines of Christianity and Islam, which also acknowledge Abraham as their progenitor. 

Outside the town of Be’er Sheva (Seven Wells) in Israel, one may visit the seven wells, which King Melchizedek (=My King is Righteousness) is believed to have sold to Abraham. It has been suggested that this is allegorical of the origins of Kabbalah, referring perhaps also to an initiation into the meditation on the seven charkas. 

 Kabbalah is the secret knowledge of the Hebrew Biblical Authors and Prophets 

This deeper spiritual knowledge is frequently alluded to in the Bible, but only exposed when applying the rules for decoding biblical texts. 

 The Talmud is almost an encyclopaedic work, compiled over eight centuries by the most learned Rabbis of the period, preserving important ancient knowledge, which is spiritual, religious and secular. It is the oral tradition accumulated over the biblical and post-biblical eras. It gives an invaluable guide to the understanding of biblical period, and valuable information about the personalities mentioned in scripture, which does not appear in the Bible itself. 

Hebrew and Aramaic. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, and some of its later books in Aramaic. Until just over one hundred years ago, it was generally considered a desecration for this Holy Tongue to be spoken. During biblical times, the spoken language was Aramaic, and Hebrew revered as the language of prayer, meditation and study of scripture. The two languages are as different from one another as Nederlands and Afrikaans.  Being adept in either of them, enables one to understand the other. When Hebrew became a spoken language, the Classical Hebrew of the Bible was adopted. Certain Jewish sects today, regard this a desecration. If a Biblical prophet were to become alive today in Israel, he would understand Modern Hebrew well, but would probably consider the style to be awkward, and would find fault with the usage of some of the words. 

‘Tanach’ is the Hebrew for ‘The Bible’. ‘Tanach’ int comprises three Hebrew consonants: -

t (t) Torah, which translates as ’The Truth’; ‘The Teaching’; ‘The Law’; ‘The Sacred Scrolls’ enshrined in the Holy Ark in the Synagogue, in which is written by special scribes under  stringently holy conditions, the Five Books of Moses.

N (n) N’vi’im, ‘Prophets’, refers to the Books of the Prophets, eg. Isaiah, Ezekiel etc.

I (ch) C’tuvim, meaning ‘Writings’, eg.  Proverbs, Psalms etc. 

The esoteric doctrine is revealed by the Tanach, by applying the principles of decoding for mystical interpretation of scripture as prescribed in the Talmud and the Sepher Y’tzirah, is traditionally regarded as the most authentic source of Kabbalah. The Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society supports this view, but contends that the personal revelations of the trained meditating kabbalist, who upholds the above, is also of Divine origin, inspired by the same God who is within every single human upon this planet. 

That the Tanach is written in code, has been known by kabbalists for thousands of years. A simple analogue to illustrate this assertion would be an army at war desiring to communicate secret information to its allies. The twenty-six letters of our Latin alphabet may be used according to a secret code; words meaningless excepting to those who can decipher the message.  

What we study on the surface text of the Bible is its exoteric message, and the above techniques of decoding unveil the spiritual knowledge for those who sincerely seek, and assiduously aspire to its priceless wealth. The Talmud and the mystical Zohar claim there are seventy layers of interpretation of the first six chapters of Genesis alone, and the level to which the initiate is able to penetrate this abyss of knowledge, is determined by the degree he or she has unfolded the capacity to do so. The Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society offers eleven effective and practical training workshops, aiming at the actualisation of the spirituality within its students, who genuinely choose to unfold this unlimited potential. 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem convened a team of computer scientists and biblical scholars to investigate the feasibility of the Hebrew Tanach being a codified document. The results were impressively convincing. There was perhaps even deeper esoteric knowledge revealed than what was published. The technique employed was a rather simple one compared with the more sophisticated ones employed by some kabbalists. 

The Sepher Y’tzirah (Book of Creation) 

To some kabbalists this work is synonymous with Kabbalah.The origins and antiquity of the Sepher Y’tzirah are uncertain, and its content is of fundamental importance to kabbalistic technology, and it abstrusely lays out the four systems of symbolism. These are the tools the aspirant uses for discovering the arcane knowledge of the Hebrew text, of which extremely little appears on the surface, even to many who study the Bible in its original language. The four systems are: - 

The Power of Hebrew letters.

The power of numbers (Power Numerology).

Astrology and the power of the zodiacal signs (The Mazalot).

The Tree of Life (Eits Ha’chayim).

The Four Systems of Symbolism of the Sepher Y’tzirah


The Power of Hebrew letters.

The power of numbers (Power Numerology).

Astrology and the power of the zodiacal signs (The Mazalot).

The Tree of Life (Eits Ha’chayim).


 The Four Worlds 

From the Sepher Y’tzirah it is metaphorically asserted, the Universe is composed of four phases of existence: The Physical, The World of Energy (inhabited by angels), the World of Force (the realm of archangels), and the World of the Purest Divine Energies. It is by learning how to meditate on these planes of consciousnes; our meditators powerfully activate immense qualities, abilities and resources, latent in their psyches. These enrich the NLP processes employed, resulting in attaining outcomes more effectively.  

Tapping into the resources of the Four Worlds, is done through meditation.         


 The Tree of Life (Eits Ha’chaim) 

                       Proverbs III – 17 and 18: 

                       ‘Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

                    She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her.
                       And happy is everyone that retaineth her.’

The Tree of Life is a most invaluable map of the whole Universe and the Psyche, guiding the esoteric traveller on his or her inner journeys, in discovering the latent spiritual riches, metaphorically referred to as the Divine Image in which Man is created. (Genesis chapter 1). A thorough training in using the meditation technology, provided by this paradigm, safely enables our meditators to attain this inner wealth, which manifests as the empowerment and the superb results they achieve in their outer lives  

The Tree, in its multidimensionality, brilliantly charts the Universe and the Psyche. The S’phirot, (or the energy spectra), and the Paths, (or the processes) for unleashing these Divine gifts, are revealed to our students during meditation.                  

Pathworkings are the meditations on the Tree, which are the deep sources of the processes activated in the psyche, by the NLP techniques designed to successfully attain outcomes. This course integrates the two systems, thus enhancing both.            

Astrology and Kabbalah 

It will be discovered from the Tree of Life, the ancient kabbalists had an accurate knowledge of our solar system, only relatively recently rediscovered by Galileo and Copernicus. This will be briefly introduced on this course, and extensively treated on the Astrology NLP and Meditation course. (Please click *Archetypes of the Unconscious and the Contributions of CJ Jung). 


The Tarot deck is the Tree of Life in picture form, the twenty-two keys of the major arcane mapping out the twenty-two paths of the Tree, and the Hebrew letters placed on them.   Meditation on these keys for activating the archetypes of the unconscious will be introduced. (see above ‘*Archetypes of the Unconscious and the Contributions of CJ Jung’) The four suits of the minor arcane map out the Four Worlds, and the Ten S’phirot that comprise these worlds. 

Meditation on pathworkings and Tarot is more extensively taught on the Astrology, NLP and Meditation course. (Please click), and most powerful work is achieved with these keys on the Advanced NLP and Psychosynthesis course. (Please click). 

Mysticism and the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society  

A Mystic, the Oxford Dictionary defines, is ‘concerned with direct communion of the soul with God; seeking absorption into God or the infinite; believing in the spiritual apprehension of truths intellectually incomprehensible’. 

It is an essential priority of the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society to effectively train its members towards the attainment of these mystical ideals, and many of its meditators have proved that having reached a greater realisation of these sacred principles, experientially, their lives have positively improved.  

                   Peace of mind

                   Well-being and health

                   Improved ability to creatively solve problems in their lives

                   Increased manifestation of the Universal Love Energy (Ruach Hakodesh)

                                           resulting in:

                   Improved relationships




Workshops providing a training in Kabbalah 

Each of the eleven courses provided by the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society provides a valuable foundation for the aspiring kabbalist, especially the advanced courses.  

      Courses offering a practical training in kabbalistic meditation, paradigms and      technology per se, are: - 

Kabbalah, Biblical Decoding and Meditation (This page).

Timeline NLP and Meditation. (Please click)

Astrology NLP and Meditation. (Please click).

Alchemy. (Web page in preparation).

Kriya Yoga. (Web page in preparation).

Advanced NLP and Psychosynthesis. (Web page in preparation).

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