The Approach of The Yoga Kabbalah Meditation Society

 Our basis for choosing the meditation techniques for our courses

In the early 1970ís, many meditation techniques were available to the public, and many meditators were asserting their practices to be the best. Ivan had practised nearly all of them and required a scientific basis for assessing the merits of each. Research was done with an EEG machine, and the brainwaves were studied especially with regards to alpha and theta waves, noting frequencies, amplitudes and durations.

Alpha waves are evidence of creativity and pleasurable relaxation; theta waves prove depths of silence, clarity of mind, relaxation, peace and well-being. Esoterically, theta is related to absorption in the Silence, from which arise The Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Love. These are the results of our meditation techniques.

From this research it was evident that the meditatorís subjective evaluation of his or her meditation, was not necessarily in agreement with the brainwave phenomena.

Appropriate meditation techniques are selected for each of the eleven different courses available, not only on the bases of their suitability to the course material and the useful experiences structured for the workshops, but also considering their effectiveness from the above research.


The approach to the teaching of the techniques

Attunement to the meditation practice is what the trained teacher effectively brings about, so that the new meditator does not become bound to the teacherís personality, but rather to The God Within, or Source of the Higher Self. It is thus assured the experience is guided by an Intelligence beyond the ego, and he or she is in a safe and healing space throughout.

The True Guru lies within the disciple, and the teacher never pretends to be a guru, nor interfering with the manifestation of the forces and energies activated within the meditator by the attunement. The instructor is trained as a facilitator, merely creating the required energy fields, with the support of the prospective meditators. These effectively result in the natural unfoldment of the

Divine Qualities such as;

Peace and Well-being

Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding,

 whose Source transcends even

The Infinite Intelligence and 

Universal Love Energy

These are qualities present in each and every one of us in varying degrees of latency, and never for a moment has their Source been absent. It is a fulfilling adventure for the meditator to enjoy their unfoldment.

Attempting relaxation is discouraged during meditation, yet as a result of entertaining the soul with what it enjoys, levels of relaxation of twenty or more percent deeper than what is achieved during sleep, are effortlessly attained. Most effective stress management is thus guaranteed.  

Concentration and trying to manipulate the mind is discouraged during meditation. These activities encourage the functions of the left hemisphere of the brain, whereas effective meditation is a right hemisphere activity. Yet in spite of refraining from these discouraged activities, concentration, creative imagination and problem solving, memory and other mind powers, improve considerably.

We never try to still the mind during meditation, yet by learning our practices, it becomes very quiet of its own accord. Welling up from within this Silence, are the transpersonal qualities, abilities and resources mentioned above.

Meditation postures which are comfortable to the body and helping the mind become alert, are taught. One cannot meditate effectively without these. Through our meditation postures alone, nearly all neck and back problems are released.

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