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 Timeline NLP and Meditation

 Change your destiny through Enhanced Timeline NLP, Meditation and Kabbalah  

The following are some of the topics of the course enabling the meditator to continue to successfully apply NLP daily after the course. 

*Archetypes of the Unconscious and the Contributions of CJ Jung 

CG Jung, the Swiss eminent psychologist and psychiatrist discovered the unconscious comprises force-energy patterns, called archetypes. These provide the psyche with immense latent qualities, abilities and resources. Each archetype in its purity has its own unique contributions to offer for the enrichment of our lives and others. They are increasingly revealed and manifested through our actions into the results we achieve in life, ensuing from effective self-healing and spiritual practices. The Higher Self is what gradually unfolds.

 The purity and extent of this valuable world within us that manifests, is conditioned by our programming. (Please click ‘Enhanced Neurolinguistic Programming and Meditation’ and see the subheading  ‘Behavioural Science’.  

*Discovering the Magician within Ourselves 

The magic training provided by the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society is aimed at enabling its initiates to discover their archetypes of their unconscious and to ecologically employ these forces and energies to successfully achieve their outcomes in life. Instruction is given in the effective skills of meditating on symbols, such as Tarot, The Kabbalistic Tree of Life, and Tantric, enabling a purification of the needless clutter obscuring the archetypes to take place, thus activating into consciousness these sources of enrichment. A white magician, or magus, in the esoteric sense, is one who has achieved a degree of mastery over his own archetypes, and is thereby empowered to bring about value for his or her own life, and the lives of others in harmony with the Divine Will.              

*Ecology and Karma 

The initiate discovers all actions affect the whole Energy System in which we live, move and have our being. The ripples we emanate by our actions return to their origin like waves in a pond, for good or ill. Thus what we reap provides feedback on how supportive these actions are of the Universe. 


NLP has a most effective technology for programming the brain and the unconsciousness to successfully achieve ones goals in life, based on what achievers do unconsciously.  

 *Changing a problem state into a desired state (or deleting undesirable programmes and creating enriching ones) 

You will be trained in accessing what unconsciously sabotages your efforts, and transforming those programmes into what you would rather have.  

*Activating significant centres of the brain for empowerment 

Unfolding abilities you thought you lacked is an exciting activity of the course. 

 *Changing limiting beliefs, decisions, self-image and emotions 

Great fun is enjoyed in transforming these into their empowering opposites. 

*NLP Timeline Journeys                   

                    Learning how to meditate the NLP Timeline way, you will be safely and


Discovering how your unconscious sequences memories 

Safely Regressing into the past (this or other lifetimes)

Reprogramming and changing the processes contained in past memories 

Discovering your purpose for incarnating on this planet            


 Please click: Meditation.

*The Energy Field

Please click Communication, Relationships and theAura

*Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Chakra Meditation

 Here we are initiated into effectively meditating to unblock the energy field (or aura) using the powerful techniques of Yoga and Kabbalah.

 As the five physical senses enable us to perceive the body and the physical universe, so may we activate the psychic centres (chakras) to be aware of the inner universes. Each of these vortices of energy (chakras) is one of the various sources of the Divine qualities, which are available to the kundalini yogi or tantric, enriching, his or her life, and the lives of others.

 The energy channels (nadis or meridians) of the energy field are purified and opened, allowing an improved flow of energy through the energy field, enhancing health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

 The Tantra taught by the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society does not involve sex rituals, and is safely used to elevate the consciousness of its practitioners to become God realised.


Pranayama (energy control), is the Sanskrit name for the breathing practices, which are not only performed for physical fitness, but the more advanced forms taught on these courses, are approached as most effective meditation techniques. These also purify the energy field, resulting in healthier functioning on all levels of the psyche.


Please click Kabbalah and the Knowledge of the Biblical Authors and Prophets for this important aspect of the course.

*Inner and outer rituals

These enliven the meditations and the work done on our outcomes.

*Self-healing, Releasing Blocked Energies and Buddhist Meditation

Please click Self Healing.

*Communication and Relationships and the Universal Love Energy.

Times: Fridays 7.30pm – 11.00pm.

                Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 6.00pm

                For two consecutive weekends.

For further information about this course please click:

Meditation. The approach of the Yoga-Kabbalah Meditation Society

Communication, Relationships and the Aura

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