Integral Yoga 

The classical definition of Yoga is union with the Supreme Being, from whom we have never been separated, except in our ignorance.  

Our Aim of the Yoga session is to experience that Union, by approaching the physical postures not only as a stretching exercise for physical fitness, but also using the mind and body at the same time for emotional, mental and spiritual growth.  

Hatha Yoga is popularly thought of as the exercising of the body through postures for physical fitness. In the classical treatises on this science, especially ‘The Sutras of Patanjali’, emphasis is placed on the balancing of the fundamental opposing dynamics of the psyche, through these postures. These divergent forces are the causes of the emotional and mental conflicts, confusions and stresses in life, and our approach to the body and the mind through the postures, effectively resolves the deep-seated causes of suffering, and there is the discovering of the essential wholeness of being.  

Balancing these opposing forces is successfully attained in every session, enjoying awareness of the Higher Self and a sense freedom in oneself.  

Raja Yoga is prominently included in the session. To the uninitiated Raja Yoga is considered to be the Yoga of the mind only. Patanjali, who lived in India circa 200BC, stated in his Sutras: ‘Hatha Yoga is a limb of Raja Yoga’. He recognised a body-emotions-mind continuum. By coming to terms with the problems of any one of these elements simultaneously with the others, successful growth, development and transformation results.  

Each Yoga posture is taught as an effective meditation technique in its own right.  

Stress management is most successfully achieved, together with a fulfilling sense of well-being and peace. Each session is a wholesome experience of regeneration.  

Breathing exercises are not only taught for their physical, emotional and mental benefits, but also as a deep meditation affording greater spiritual awareness.  

Instruction in meditation and self-healing is given, enjoying deeper purification and establishing awareness in ones Essential Being.

The Tibetan rejuvenation exercises are practised and are found to be highly energizing and refuvenationg.  

Releasing the negative patterns of the past, forgiving yourself and others, enables you to enjoy the here and now.  

The Bhagavad Gita is one of the most sublime highlights of the spiritual literature of ancient India. This reveals the deeper Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding in effectively dealing with the problems of living, and acquiring a helpful understanding of yourself, others and life.  

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